We can secure for you original experiences at our training of team cooperation!

Teambuilding, team spirit and team training are different forms of experience learning, which help you build a team and improve your skills such as team work, communication, creativity – see our philosophy.

Try out the function Send a request – you can simply give us the list of your requests, estimate the cost of your event and find the programmes which suit you:

Lanoland Teambuilding – event in the Rope Centre in Bratislava at Koliba

Yachting – teambuilding on a lake or see

Make a movie – make your very own movie

Augmented Reality – a team game for androids

Fun Teambuilding – fun team activities

Team Spirit – easy fun activities
Classic Teambuilding – classic team tasks with feedback

Rescue Teambuilding – experience course of first aid and rescue in situations of crisis

Inspectors – solving a criminal mystery

Teambuilding “Romance” – an event for romantics and tender souls

Creative classes – programme for better creativity

Company volunteering – community service as a company event

Corporate Social Responsibility – projects in the area of corporate social responsibility

Indoor Training – interactive training of team cooperation irrespective of the weather

Real Outdoor – a more difficult sports programme in real surroundings of the nature

City Outdoor – An adventure in the city

GPS Adventure – team geocaching

Agrofarm Challenge – the challenges of a farm life

Climbing Camp – a climbing course in Slovakia or abroad

Mallorca Challenge – an event at an exclusive location

Articles we wrote about teambuilding:

Teambuilding is an individual´s work.

Team is a living organism.