• Do you wish to experience an adventure in nature?


  • Do you want to find where your boundaries are?


  • Do you want to see known places from a different point of view?


  • Order an outdoor programme.

Outdoor training

The name speaks for itself. This is a popular active form of training in nature through experience learning activities, which serve as a tool for understanding the meaning of teamwork on the basis of personal experience. It is a fun form of a programme, which creates an emotionally distinguished memory of team tasks and their overcoming.


Outdoor training will lead you to real natural surroundings;

you will meet natural and artificial obstacles, which would be

impossible to overcome by an individual.

You will experience the feeling of being dependent

on mutual cooperation, you will find out how it feels to be

responsible, when the rest of the team is counting on your

help. You will learn what it is like to trust the entire group

and put your life and welfare in their hands.

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