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Production of TV programmes

Experience programmes, untraditional attractions and adventurous games are very appealing for all viewers. That is why our services are a great complement to spectacular television programmes for adults or children. Almost all the broadcasting companies in Slovakia have used our services. We design themes and cover the production of entertaining and educating programmes, competitions, music programmes or children´s programmes.

Production of firm DVDs

Creating of professional photography or video documentation is an important part of all events or courses. Thus, we allow for the message of an event to linger for a longer time. You can use our services to deal with your own special events, to record the important moments of your firm or to create a promotional video, which can serve as a representation of your activities and ideas.

Building of event centres

It is important to plan every detail of every single event to think through a successful realization of centres for firm events, training programmes, congress touristics, as well as the realization of the venues, which are meant to provide services for educational and recreational purposes. You may have a unique idea, which we can prepare for you using our past experiences. We offer designing and building of playgrounds, entertainment parks, recreation centres, sports grounds, indoor centres and event grounds.

Administration of event centres

The venues specifically intended for congress touristics, recreation, educational purposes and relief require care and specific management. It is our task to not only design them, but also take care of them with professional help. We offer all the necessary marketing communication, which ensures, that the venues we take care of are always on the eye of the visitors and used all-year-round.
Installations in heights

The rich experiences from the past enable us to offer you demanding expert installations in heights. We offer solutions, which are simple, although they may seem impossible at first. With the help of climbing equipment, we can provide secure placement of different banners or commercial products at the least accessible places. We also offer other challenging installations and work in heights.

Special production

Our services are grounded in the principle to design and organize something new, untraditional and exceptional. Something that will positively influence the minds of people. We boldly offer solutions, which require an unorthodox approach, the ability to improvise and responsibility when providing even a difficult problem. We can contribute our own resourcefulness and innovative ideas, which will help you, reach your goals. It is not important, whether it is dealing with expert installation, organizing of events or courses, or a preparation of a grand production of a television show.

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