• Are you tired of your work place and need a breath of fresh air?


  • Are you a fan of modern technology?


  • Are you into finding solutions to unexpected situations and tasks?



  • Have an event outside of your offices!

Off site

If you´re feeling like you´ve tried absolutely everything, then order Off Site!
We can assure you, that we will be able to offer you activities you have never experienced at a firm event. For example:

  • Milking of a goat
  • Walking on coals
  • Ugmented reality
  • Swimming in beer
  • Latrine building
  • Geocaching
  • Canoeing
  • Cooking dumplings
  • Corporate volunteering
  • And more…

You can bet on it!
And if you have already done these,you will get an event in the Lanové centrum on Koliba for free, in time of your choice.

When ordering a programme, try Send a request.