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GPS Game


At the beginning there is one key, nothing more.

You find out what to do and find the instructions on the USB drive. But no one has the firm laptop… After figuring this crisis out, you must look for today´s paper, to find the password. You obtain a GPS coordination of the station closest to you and a photo. Your GPS device will lead you to a square and you look for a place where the photo was taken from. In order to find the next clue, you must pick up a lid and crawl into a shaft. Here, you find a brain teaser. But you have limited time to crack it. And so, you move forward from one place to another, until you decipher the code and open the treasure chest.


   This can take place either in a city or nature.

   We can find very interesting places for this or

   realise this activity in the place of your choosing. .



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