Our philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded upon the knowledge that all the things a person experiences on his own are remembered the most. The experience itself presents emotionally charged information for everybody, which gets deepened when the persons understands it. Information connected to a strong positive charge is retained for a long time and it can be used more easily. Therefore we use personal experience as a marketing tool and propagation of products of a client as a means of education and development of human potential.

At the present situation of environment filled with sensational stimuli, every marketing tool must be grounded upon personal experience in order to be effective. That is also the reason why the method of education by experience is an effective way of education.

The programme of education through experience frees the mind from everyday problems and leaves the educational information in a positively charged environment. The goal of the programme is to give people a direction to their own natural state; it helps to understand your own skills and makes it easy to get rid of fear from the outside world which attacks your senses so viciously. Person will enrich himself and his surroundings; he can understand his beliefs and his own ideas, he will learn to accept constructive feedback and he can apply it.

Quinta Essentia is a phrase which stands for the point of a story, or a phenomenon, the point of a certain problem. In translation, Quinta Essentia means the Fifth Element, so something ethereal, nucleus, depth, the meaning. The aim of our company is to add to finding of the point of the problems by providing our services; we help our clients to understand their issues and help them find a successful solution.

The unforgettable experience, fun and a long-lasting good feeling are an integral part of every one of our events.