22.3. Opening of the running season 2015 + Sport.sk Mud run


   Sport.sk Mud run is               about fun.                  

   Track of roud run
   Track Šport.sk Mud run.


   Železná studnička
   Partizánska lúka


8:00 - 9:30 hod  the start of runners´ presentation

9:40 hod            common warm-up under the supervision

9:55 hod            raffle

10:00 hod          Mud run children 11 - 15 years old on 1 500 m

10:05 hod          children running through forest

                          to 10 years on 500 m

10:15 hod          start of run 5 km

10:20 hod          start of run 10 km

10:25 hod          start of Sport.sk Mud Run – 5 km

10:30 hod          start of Sport.sk Mud Run – 10 km
                          (running  2x race 5 km) 

11:30 hod          results announcement


  • MEN on 5 km
  • MEN on 10 km
  • MEN Mud run on 5 km
  • MEN Mud run on 10 km
  • WOMEN on 5 km
  • WOMEN on 10 km
  • WOMEN Mud Run on 5 km
  • WOMEN Mud Run on 10 km
  • CHILDREN to 10 years
  • (year of birth. 2005-2015)
  • Mud run children 11 - 15 years 1 500 m
  • (year of birth. 2000 - 2004)

Adult categories have no age restrictions.


The winners of the first three places will be rewarded with prizes. We also

have a small gift for all runners who registered via Internet. All prizes

and gifts are from Šport.sk, Hotel AquaCity Poprad, Lovely Food, Lanové

centrum at Koliba, Lorika Slovakia and a new shop Botas in Bratislava.

We'll give details later.


Coaches from Run For Fun will be giving tips and free advice to all, who

want to improve their running preparation. Raffle prizes will be provided

by Bratislava Region Tourism. Saguaro, another one of the sponsors, will

take care of drinks. Every runner will be able to print out their diploma

with the Sportomat of Slovenská Sporiteľňa.



There will be water on the 5th kilometre of the 10k run for all runners.

Refreshments will be served in Finish. Runners will be able to enjoy

fruits, muesli bars, tea and water.


Changing rooms:

There will be a tent for changing and storage.


We advise all Mud run competitors to bring older running shoes and an extra

change of clothes! Especially, the children, so they have dry clothes to

change into.



Quinta Essentia a town Bratislava.

This year was attended by a record 547 runners! 

Scorecards Opening of the running season 2014 6 km

Scorecards Opening of the running season 2014 10 km

Scorecards Sport.sk Mud Run 2014 5 km

Scorecards Opening of the running season 2014 Children to 10 years 500 m