New possibilities for programmes!

Choose from our offer of attractions, which we can realize at your event.

We have a new attraction prepared for you – perfume making.

The principle of perfume making is combining the basis perfume with scented oils, which contain many essences. You can create a unique fragrance for a man or a woman according to your own taste.

s for some more interesting programme, we offer different beer competitions, e.g. BEER PONG. It is a game where 2 teams play on a special table, on which there are glasses with beer.

The point of the game is shooting Ping-Pong balls into the opponents’ glasses. The opponent has to drink the glass you hit.

Making chocolate bonbons will be the cherry on top of your evening. Prepare your very own candy according to your taste. Marzipan base, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts – you can chose whatever you fancy.


Do you want to feel like a VIP celebrity, arriving at an exclusive party in American style? Rent our VIP car Cadillac Escalade to drive up to an event or as an untraditional promo car.     

 Traditional manual printer. Create your own Christmas card or chose one of our complete Christmas motives.



We recommend the rope centre as a wonderful venue for your event. You will experience something new, strengthen 
your belief in yourself as well as team spirit.

We also offer different attractions in the section  ATTRACTIONS.

Feel free to contact us if you need to organize an event, take care of the programme at your event or secure the technical background of the event.