Our tip: Order ST. NICHOLAS with us and you needn´t change your clothes.

St. Nicholas Day

In the mystery of the dark night, in silence of the candle light; when you´re waiting with your children for St. Nicholas to come, you can tell them a story:

There is legend of a man, St. Nicholas, who often roamed the streets at night and watched people in their houses. Once, he saw a poor family with many children, who hadn´t had their supper. And so, he put food, some toys and money onto their windowsill. Nobody knew who the good man was, because St. Nicholas wanted to stay anonymous.
That is probably how the tradition of St. Nicholas bringing gifts started. Children love this moment.

Order a St. Nicholas event with us, the programme will entertain and educate the children.

Waiting for St. Nicholas will be accompanied by an original play with the traditional characters in their lovely costumes.

They will bring everyone presents full of surprises and at the end of the programme we will decorate the Christmas tree together with hand-made decorations.
This will make your office rooms full of Christmas cheer.


        Until St. Nicholas comes, we will make:

  • our own decorations
  • make our own Christmas cards
  • wrap presents for the parents
  • and get our faces painted to look like a devil or an angel.

When ordering a programme, try Send a request.