Event Countdown

Event countdown will keep you updated on how many days are left until the day of your event.

You will simply set the time and the date of your event, team building or any other happening and you will get a countdown on an app on your computer desktop. You will always know how long until your event. 

The app is available for download for free!

Download Event Countdown

The app runs on OS Windows.

If you do not know what to do:

Step 1) Download the app through your internet browser.

It is an .exe file, so if a window with a possible threat message pops up; click the option "Keep".

Step 2) Open the folder with downloaded files and move the Event Countdown where you want it to be stored, e.g. the file Program Files.


Step 3) Run Event Countdown.exe.

If you want to avoid having to confirm every start of the app, uncheck the “Confirm every start of application” and then click on “Run”.

Step 4) Move the app on your desktop where you want it to be. This app will open with each boot up of the computer.


Step 5) There is a Menu icon in the top right corner.


The option "Pridať" (add) allows you to add your events.

Put in the name of your event, the date, time and click “Pridať" (add).

The option “Zobraziť" (show) allows you to choose the current event.

Click the event and then click “Uložiť a Zavrieť" (save and close).

If you wish to close the app and get rid of the app from your desktop, click the option “Ukončiť" (close).

With this application Event Countdown we wish your events to be ready on time with no stress.